Important Notice regarding Major Saver Card Orders.

We hope you are staying healthy and safe from this incorrigible pandemic that is changing the way we work and live our lives.

Major Saver employees are working remotely due to the stay at home order in effect in the Kansas City area.

If you are waiting for cards purchased online, please be patient. With the recent announcement of state wide school closures, we are working to get owed cards printed for districts impacted by the closures. All orders will be fulfilled.

Please note we are in contact with your local school district administrators but are allowing them to work through the more pressing issues like food service programs and instruction during this unprecedented time. Information about owed incentives, including the limo ride / pizza party will be coming from your school administrators in the near future.

Feel free to email any inquiries to

Thank you for your patience and stay healthy!

Schools Trust Us

Schools trust us, and it shows.

Major Saver handles everything from Kick-off to Pay-off

  • We understand that a teacher’s job is to teach and a student’s job is to learn.
  • We handle all of the fundraiser details from the community card, to the assembly and the collection process!

Our strategy is simple

  • Provide a product that is easy to sell
  • Generate student involvement, while not interrupting the educational process
  • Provide a program for schools with maximum return and minimal effort

Major Saver has the process down to a science

  • Kick-off A professionally trained Major Saver representative will conduct a 15 minute kick-off at your school. They will explain the Major Saver card, the program and communicate the important dates and information. Our presentation is focused on safety
    • Always get permission to sell the major saver card
    • Never sell to strangers. Only sell to parents, relatives and friends
    • Always have an adult with you when you sell
  • Campaign Days Each day a Major Saver representative will visit each school. They will collect money and distribute cards and prizes. All of this is done quickly and quietly and causes minimal interruption to the school.
  • Collection Process Major Saver distributes all necessary materials to the schools and communicates all the details to the parents. Throughout the campaign, Major Saver manages all collections and distributions including cash, checks and on-line sales.
  • Pay-off Major Saver will make payment to the schools within 30 days of the close of the campaign. A check presentation is scheduled to award the foundation and individual schools their proceeds!