Why it Works

Can anyone question why it works?

Major Saver cares about education. We share school-based education foundation’s mutual goal of raising money to support students, teachers, and school activities in order to improve the educational process.

Schools benefit

Principals, secretaries and teachers love the program because Major Saver does all the work without causing any disruption to the classrooms and daily activities. We manage everything!

Parents and students benefit

Parents love the program because we stress safe-selling. No door-to-door sales and only sell to people you know. Students love the program because we offer an easy product to sell and fun prizes to earn.

Businesses benefit

Business owners love the program because we provide a great value that drives traffic to their business and there is no cost to participate on the card. Plus the business can show their support for the schools in their community.

Education Foundations benefit

Education Foundations love the program because it not only raises a significant amount of funds in a short amount of time, but is easy! Just as important is the tremendous amount of exposure the foundation receives through the schools and the community.

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